Prints and commisions? what hey what!?

Update post:

After the great response I got for my Steven Universe art I think I’m going to make prints. People seemed to really like it~

Also I think it’s about time I opened up for commisions. I still have to piece together a price guide and examples but I should have something soon.

Thanks for following me I promise to actually put things on here and not be a shit about it :I



The Zelda Collab!

Starting last November I put together a collab of all the creatures and races within the universe of The Legend of Zelda games! Spanning across Twitter, Tumblr, Deviantart, and even some Facebook folk, nearly 250 different artists submitted artwork!

Here is the full size version of all 255 Entries!

And Here is the list of all the artists who contributed!

Thank you so much to everyone who joined, this was a great experience and I got to meet some awesome people through it! You all are awesome!




I am on the verge of embarking into independence, with my BA in Illustration starting in September and plans to move out before then for the first time ever living away from home and consequently I am in need of funds! I’ve technically been open for commissions for a while now but I am putting out a call to anyone who wants one and come and get them now, and help support me!

Commission proposals should be sent to my email at , please include a full description of your request and I will quote you a price depending on complexity and subject matter, but usually anywhere between $40 - $80 for a full colour illus and $20-30 for smaller stuff like vignettes, icons and b/w sketches! At any given time I will try to have your commission done within 2-3 days of payment being sent - I only take payment via paypal at this point and have revised my policy, excepting special circumstances I will require payment prior to beginning work. 

I hope to hear from you! If you aren’t so inclined, but want to support me regardless, please consider signal-boosting this post and telling others!

Your support is invaluable <3 <3